Medvedev’s propaganda calls for Ukraine to be carved up by Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Romania

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has for the past few weeks been indulging in aggressive rhetoric against Ukraine, Poland, and the West. His latest provocation is a map showing Ukraine carved up, with Russia and Poland virtually swallowing up most of the country’s territory.

It is a repeat of a suggestion made once by the scandalous politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, that Poland and Russia should divide Ukraine between them. It is used to provoke Polish nationalists and to drive a wedge between them and Ukrainians. 

Medvedev’s post on Telegram presents a map on which the state of Ukraine is reduced to just the Kyiv region. The eastern and southern parts of Ukraine are to become regions of Russia. The west of Ukraine is to become a part of Poland, while Romania is to claim two regions and one region is to become a part of Hungary. 

Commentators have noted that nothing has been granted to Russia’s chief ally in the conflict, Belarus, and its dictator Lukashenko. Journalist Tomasz Grzywaczewski could not resist a comment on the irony in his Twitter post: “The conclusion is that it’s best to be Russia’s enemy rather than its ally. Lukashenko has been left hanging out to dry, getting nothing at all for all his support.”

The spokesman of the coordinator of Polish secret services, Stanisław Żaryn, in his Twitter post accused Medvedev once again of using lies and disinformation in his attacks on Poland and Ukraine.

“Dimitry Medvedev once again uses lies and is participating in disinformation attacks on Poland and Ukraine, and he is also insulting both Poland and the president of Ukraine,” who he refers to as being on drugs.

“The Medvedev post is just a continuation of permanent Russian disinformation,” wrote Żaryn.

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