Morawiecki’s meeting with Spanish PM in Warsaw: What was discussed?

The two countries were in full agreement over the war in Ukraine and the proposed reductions in gas consumption across Europe

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, right, and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez shake hands during a press conference after their meeting in Warsaw, Poland, Wednesday, July 27, 2022. (AP Photo/Michal Dyjuk)

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki hailed the ongoing cooperation between his country and Spain, following a meeting with his Spanish counterpart, Pedro Sanchez, in Warsaw on Wednesday.

The meeting between the prime ministers formed part of the 14th round of Polish-Spanish intergovernmental consultations. It was crowned by the signing of a cooperation agreement for further joint work on business relations and investment. 

The two countries presented a united front. “We may be on two different ends of the continent but we still understand each other very well,” Morawiecki revealed during a joint press conference following the meeting.

“Our countries are writing the latest history of the continent,” the Polish prime minister said, speaking about the importance of ongoing consultations between the Polish and Spanish governments.

“I would like the kind of understanding within the whole European Union that I see on the part of Spain for all matters related to this war,” he added.

The Polish leader also praised the close cooperation between Poland and Spain within the European Council and thanked Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for his efforts in that regard.  

The wide-ranging meeting also covered border security, inflation, and energy security. Morawiecki revealed that Poland and Spain share the same view with regard to the supply of gas — both have resisted the compulsory cut backs of 15 percent on gas consumption that the European Commission recommended. 

The defense and foreign ministers also met during these intergovernmental consultations, and an agreement was signed between the Polish minister responsible for the construction of Poland’s Central Airport (CPK) and the Spanish minister for transport, mobility, and cities. 

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