New EU rules will see millions of Poles at risk of losing the ability to sell or rent homes

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

According to the industry portal Murator Plus, as a result of a new EU law, by 2033, millions of Poles will not be able to rent or sell their houses and flats.

The determining factor is the assigned energy efficiency class of the property, with Poles having a 10-year window to prepare for the forthcoming EU legislation.

The EU directive introducing a new energy classification for buildings will invalidate the recently implemented energy performance certificates for buildings in Poland and introduce new categories.

Similar to the previous A to G categorization for household appliances, the EU will now apply the same approach to single-family homes and buildings. Properties deemed the least efficient, commonly known as “energy vampires,” will promptly be placed on a blacklist, leaving limited time for them to enhance their rating from G to F by 2030 and to E by 2033.

Meanwhile, public utility buildings have only seven years to obtain the required E classification. The Ministry of Development and Technology said that all buildings will begin receiving their energy performance rating in 2024.

The new law will pose a significant problem for millions of Poles since properties classified as F and G will lose the ability to be sold or rented unless they undergo modernization. According to Murator Plus, currently over a million buildings, including apartment blocks and tenements with at least several apartments, are classified in the two lowest categories, F and G.

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