Polish conservative ruling party strengthens lead in latest poll, now leads Civic Coalition by 12 points

The Law and Justice (PiS) party remain the strongest party in Poland prior to the elections, a recent poll by the Social Changes institute shows

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: wpolityce.pl

Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) party is growing its lead ahead of national elections, according to the latest poll from a Social Changes research institute.

The poll shows Jarosław Kaczyński’s party has increased its lead over the liberal Civic Coalition to 12 percentage points, while support for other parties has flattened out. The Left, Confederation, and Poland 2050 are now competing for third place.

The poll, which was conducted for news outlet wPolityce.pl, shows that the United Right, which is a coalition of PiS and its allies, has gained 2 percentage points in the last two weeks, with 39 percent of respondents declaring their intention to vote for the group. Meanwhile, support for the Civic Coalition has decreased by 1 percentage point, with 27 percent of respondents intending to vote for them.

Which political party would you vote for if elections to the Polish parliament were held this Sunday?
Light blue is United Right; orange is Civic Platform; red is the Left; dark blue is Confederation; yellow is Poland 2050; light green is PSL; dark green is Kukiz’15; purple is Agreement; and grey is Other (Source: Social Changes/wPolityce.pl)

The Left is losing ground, dropping 1 percentage point to 9 percent. The Confederation’s support also shrank; 8 percent of respondents declared they would vote for the far-right party, a decrease of 1 percentage point.

Poland 2050 remained unchanged at 7 percent, while the Polish People’s Party (PSL) was selected by 6 percent of respondents, a gain of 1 percentage point. Kukiz’15 returned to a level of support of 2 percent, an increase of 1 percentage point.

Support for the center-right Agreement dropped below 1 percent. It was previously at 1 percent.

Additionally, the poll indicates that 46 percent of Poles would participate in elections to the Polish parliament “if they were held next Sunday.” Fourteen percent would likely vote, while 14 percent would rather not participate. Seventeen percent of respondents are certain that they would not vote, and 9 percent of Poles have not yet made this decision.

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