Polish CPK airport to serve 65 million passengers by 2060

Poland’s Central Communication Port (CPK) visualization. (Source: gov.pl)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure has approved the general plan for the construction of Poland’s Central Communication Hub (CPK) airport. The major investment project is now awaiting final environmental and civil aviation permits to move forward.

The approval means that the location of the airport between Łódź and Warsaw has now been approved and that the process of finalizing the choice of financial partners can be completed.

According to Deputy Development Minister Marcin Horała, the airport should be ready by 2028. It will have two runways and airport infrastructure to service 330,000 take-offs and landings per year, as well as a terminal capable of handling 40 million passengers yearly. 

The railway part of the CPK program assumes the construction of 1,600 km of new lines from 10 directions to CPK and Warsaw. Source: gov.pl

The airport is scheduled to keep growing until 2060, with plans to make it capable of handling 450,000 flights and servicing 65 million passengers. 

The Central Communication Hub (CPK) project is designed to create a transport hub close to Warsaw and serve as the intersection between Poland’s highway system.

In addition to the airport, the CPK includes a major railway terminal with new lines to make it accessible to more parts of the country. The impetus for the investment is a mixture of Polish ambition to become a major point of transit and Warsaw’s need for a much larger airport. The current Warsaw Chopin Airport is located too close to the city for it to be expanded. 

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