Polish law enforcement arrests man suspected of planning to spy for Russia

This is the second such arrest in the past several months

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: polsatnews.pl
Source: abw.gov.pl

Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) detained a man who reportedly displayed “readiness for action” to support Russian intelligence. The National Prosecutor’s Office alleges that the individual, Jaroslaw A., planned to provide Russia with information on Poland’s security and defense capabilities.

According to Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman for Poland’s ABW, the man was detained on July 11 in the country’s southern Silesia region. He has been remanded in custody and faces eight years in prison.

Multiple locations in other regions connected to the suspect were searched.

“Documents and data storage devices were secured. They are currently being examined,” announced the prosecutor’s office.

It is the second arrest of an individual accused of spying for Russia in Poland since the war in Ukraine broke out. The other man, a Russian citizen, was arrested on April 6. Evidence collected at the time by Poland’s military counterintelligence showed that he had obtained information on the battle-readiness of Polish and NATO armed forces for Russian intelligence.

Two days later, two citizens of Belarus were also detained due to their intelligence work for the Minsk government.

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