Polish president pays homage to ‘cursed soldiers’ who led resistance against communism after WWII

Duda also thanked Poles for being understanding of the need to rearm

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: PR24
Source: TVP Info.

Polish President Andrzej Duda visited Sierpc in central Poland on Wednesday to meet with locals on the Day of Remembrance for Cursed Soldiers.

These were the fighters of the Polish underground who did not lay down their arms at the end of World War II but continued to resist the new Soviet occupiers and the communist regime. Many were dealt with in the strictest way possible by the authorities who considered them to be bandits and imprisoned and executed hundreds of them.

The commemoration of those who fought the regime throughout the 45 years of Soviet-installed communism has been one of the priorities of the policy pursued by the ruling conservatives to respect Poland’s history and heritage.

This is why President Andrzej Duda, speaking in Sierpc, declared that March 1 “is a very important day for a free and sovereign Poland” for which the soldiers being honored fought so bravely.

“They died for a free Poland, one that is not only secure itself but one that can contribute to the security of others,” said Duda. 

In this context, he said that Poland is participating in the Air Policing mission and is sending its planes and soldiers to the Baltic States and Romania. “I believe that they fought for a Poland that is independent and able to decide its own fate,” he told the assembled locals. 

Duda went on to say, “Today, we see that independence is not given forever, and we have to strengthen ourselves,” as he called for the Polish army to be strong and well-equipped.

“We have to have the kind of military potential that will mean it’s not worth attacking us. We have to be strong so that we are not forced to fight,” he argued. 

The president thanked Poles for being understanding of the need to rearm. He admitted that he would prefer to be able to announce that the country was spending more on roads, rail, education, health and welfare but insisted “we have to be aware that all these programs will be of no use if we don’t have a free, sovereign and independent Poland.”

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