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Lufthansa cancels flights across Europe due to the strike, affecting tens of thousands of passengers

Air traffic in Europe will be affected on Wednesday by a strike…


Croatia needs Poles and Poles need Croatia

The question concerning China’s responsibility for the modern world’s greatest tragedy, the…

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Czech airlines sales crash 90%, hardest hit in all of Europe by coronavirus crisis

The commuters should be motivated to stay in Saxony

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Poland’s LOT airlines purchases German Condor airlines

This facial recognition database contains more than 3 billion photos

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LOT Polish Airlines introduces voluntary eco fee

Previously thought extinct species discovered alive.

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Polish pilot among those killed at Leicester City helicopter crash

Migration pressure is still evident and the United Nations and the European…

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Poland plans to build huge airport

The number of active doctors in Hungary was 39,132 last year, the…

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Radom Air Show 2018

Overall confidence in the Czech economy rose by 0.4 points to 99.1…

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