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Austria sends 400 troops to the border due to illegal migration

Despite the fences on the south-eastern border of Hungary, thousands of migrants…

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EU to spend €276 million on migrant camps on Greek islands, sparking protests from fed-up locals

The Czech Republic's wealthiest man died in a helicopter crash

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Is the new EU migration pact a backdoor for settling migrants in countries like Czechia, Hungary and Poland?

The African man raped ten different women, with the prosecutor saying the…

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Sweden: Local politicians attempt to stop refugee settlements in Sölvesborg

Natalie says she doesn't care about being called racist and blames foreigners…

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‘Accept more refugees’ — Germany’s left places new demands on the government

The construction of the first stage could begin after 2030

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EU to push for radical changes to existing migration rules for all nations

Greece plans to spend €1.5 billion in the coming months

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