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Slovakia’s progressives cry wolf

This week, the Slovak Information Service (SIS), one of the country's intelligence…

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Germany funded mosque in Afghanistan that became hotbed of radicalism

Germany provided funding for a mosque to be constructed in Afghanistan, which…

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Germany: Hamburg police shoot attacker with knife shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

She says that reports of her owning multiple homes had nothing to…

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Young Iraqi man sentenced to 15 years after fleeing Czechia to join the Islamic State

Russians have until the end of May to leave the embassy

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14-year-old student threatens to cut off teacher’s head in France ‘as they did to Paty’

Terrorist threat level in Hungary remains unchanged despite Islamic terror attacks in…

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Radical Islam must be stopped or it will take control of France, warns French parliamentary report

A dance party turned into riots directed at German police

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