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Poland cuts tax for first-time homebuyers and raises it for those buying multiple properties

Poland has scrapped its property purchase tax for first-time buyers as the…

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Hungary rejects global 15% tax rate, says it will favor US

The comparison between Floyd and dead Roma man is misleading

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Opposition media in Poland went nuclear with their 24-hour strike, but will it work?

Both sides need reforms if the EU and Britain want to prosper

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Poland’s tax on media and Big Tech sparks 24-hour strike from private news outlets

Another of Germany's federal states prepares a similar decree

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Poland to introduce Estonian system for its CIT

First batch expected at the end of the year

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Police forced to end Slovak trucker blockade

Klaus says Austria's Green Party is especially dangerous to the Czech Republic

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‘Supermarket tax’ introduction postponed in Poland

Hungary does not yield to pressure.

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No tax on Tokarczuk’s Nobel Prize – but is it legal?

Germany main partner in the development of its armed forces

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VAT scandal uncovered during Civic Platform’s rule

100 years ago Polish women gained the right to vote. Poland granted…

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