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Real wages in Czechia are falling at fastest rate on record, analysis shows

Czechia is currently undergoing the sharpest drop in real wages in its…


Czechs earn higher wages than Poles, Hungarians and Slovaks

The average monthly wage in Czechia is the highest among the Visegrád…

Czechia experiences biggest decline in living standards in its history

What everyone expected and feared in recent weeks has come to pass,…

Hungary has cheapest business costs in the world, according to global business index

The 2021 Business Cost Index has published its annual data, a report…

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Czechia has the highest average income among the Visegrad countries

The average income in euros in the Czech Republic is €1,368, the…

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Minimum wage hike approved by Czech government

Czechia is not happy with new German proposal.

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Czech Chamber of Commerce opposes higher wages for Ukrainians

The International Book Fair and Literary Festival Book World Prague 2020 will…

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