Czechia is the second most attractive country for expats

At least two-thirds of expats are happy working for Czech companies, according to a new survey

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The stereotype is that most expats desire to head to Germany or Scandinavia to work, however, if the latest Expat Insider 2019 survey is any guide, they should think about setting sail the Czech Republic.

According to the survey, Czechia is the second most attractive country in the world in terms of working abroad after Vietnam.

Countries like Norway, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands are not as attractive to foreign workers as the Czech Republic. Germany, for example, finished in fourth place.

The Czech Republic placed second in attractiveness to expats thanks to a combination of several surveyed categories. In all of these categories, at least two-thirds of those who work in Czech companies expressed satisfaction. The survey took into account factors such as working hours, career prospects, and work-life balance.

Above all, the Czech Republic is an economically stable country for expats. Overall, 84 percent of people feel that the Czech economy is in excellent shape.

Even though many countries, including Luxembourg and Germany, are much better off, the survey focused on the overall picture.

In Germany, expats perceive their career prospects to be slightly weaker compared to the Czech Republic. Also, the lower rating of the work-life balance suggests a stricter work regime in Germany.

In terms of work-life balance, Panama, which ranked ninth, is the top destination out of the top ten countries.

The United States placed 40th in the ranking with almost two-thirds of expats being happy with their careers there. However, only 50 percent of the expats in the U.S. think they have enough free time.

According to the survey, which included about 20,000 respondents, foreigners between 18 and 34 years-of-age moving to the U.S. for work have improved their finances by 35 percent. In other countries, they earned up to 51 percent more money than they would in their home country.


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