Hungary rejects second vote on humanitarian visas

editor: REMIX NEWS

Contrary to what the European Parliament plans, humanitarian visas should not be allowed as they are “insane, absurd and dangerous,” Gál told journalists in Brussels.

She said that according to the proposal of the LIBE committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs, all member states of the European Union should issue refugee visas without preliminary security screening and asylum procedure.

“We can see that anyone who is already here, be they dangerous people, migrants, illegal or economic, cannot be sent back, so they will remain here. This is absurd and also raises security concerns,” she said.

Gál said visa applicants will flood the embassies “by the thousands”, which will put extraordinary strain on all member state representations outside the EU. She said the pro-migrant politicians of the EP want to force the issue through despite the fact that it has already been voted down once.

“This only shows the creativity of those who want to bring the migrants into Europe at all costs. We can only say that we oppose this because the whole situation is insane and absurd,” she said. 


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