New tenders opened for sections of Polish Via Carpatia

Source: GDDKiA/K. Nalewajko
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The General Directorate for National Roads and Highways announced tenders for design and construction of two sections of the S19 expressway in the Lubelskie Voivodship which are part of the Via Carpatia and will have a combined length of 24 kilometers.

Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Rafał Weber informed the public that one section of the S19 will be 16 kilometers in length and that the other one will be 8 kilometers. “Since the very start of taking over responsibility for infrastructure in Poland, we have emphasized that the Via Carpatia is a life road and that it is a road to development, and we will do everything to complete this strategic investment,” the minister declared.

Weber added that the Via Carpatia is a road which will strengthen the communication between regions through which it will pass – the Podlaskie, Mazowieckie, Lubelskie, and Subcarpathian Voivodships. These regions will have new communication and transport capabilities, as well as higher security in terms of traffic and will increase their economic potential.

“Through the prism of infrastructure developments we are looking at the development of the whole country. We see that expressways help attract investors; these are investments which help grow the economic potential of several companies,” he stated.

Via Carpatia, (source: press stock)

The S19 expressway is to become the main North-South communication road in Eastern Poland and will be part of the international Via Carpatia. The route will run from Klaipeda and Kaunas in Lithuania, through Białystok, Lublin, and Rzeszów to Kosice in Slovakia and through Debrecen in Hungary, and finally down to Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Title image: Road construction in Poland. (source: GDDKiA, Krzysztof Nalewajko)

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