Poland to supply American natural gas to Ukraine

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction Company (PGNiG) has ordered a cargo ship with American liquified natural gas (LNG) which will arrive in Poland at the end of February. It will then be received by the Ukrainian-American Energy Resources of Ukraine (ERU) through Poland and Ukraine’s trans-system pipeline connection by the end of March 2022.

“Owing to the investments into gas infrastructure which were carried out over the last few years in Poland, we can strengthen the region’s energy security and ensure that our clients have access to all sorts of sources of natural gas and ability to choose the best offer on the market,” PGNiG’s CEO Paweł Majewski said.

The latest gas transfer is the second one to Ukraine carried out by PGNiG and ERU through a purchase of U.S. gas. The first one was completed over two years ago when a cargo ship arrived in the Świnoujście gas terminal in November 2019.

PGNiG and ERU have been cooperating for several years.

In 2016, ERU had received its first gas delivery sold by PGNiG to the Ukrainian market. In the past, both companies also worked together to supply liquified natural gas for the needs of the Ukrainian operator of transfer networks and gas warehouses.

In October 2021, PGNiG, along with ERU, completed the first-ever delivery of non-Russian gas to Moldova. The transaction was signed urgently due to the imposition of a restriction on gas deliveries to Moldova by Russia’s Gazprom.

In August 2021, PGNiG and ERU initiated search and extraction activity in Ukraine via the Karpat-gaz-vydobuvannya company, which possesses a license for the extraction of hydrocarbon in the western part of the Lviv oblast in Ukraine, which lies on the Polish border.

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