Polish Army will be put to the test in 2020

Defender 20, NATO Response Force war games and training of reserve units

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Marek Kozubal
via: rp.pl

A series of difficult and serious military tests will take place in 2020, which will hopefully highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Polish Armed Forces.

In 2019, the Polish Army trained for covert long-distance troop transfers. Although these exercises were not picked up by the media, President Andrzej Duda himself observed them.

Poland will have a major role in Defender-Europe 20

In 2020, Poland is set to be a part of the largest European military training exercise involving the United States in the last 25 years. As part of the Defender-Europe 20 program, which will involve ten countries, up to 20,000 American troops will be transferred from the U.S. to Europe, with a large contingent being sent to Poland.

This transfer will include 6,000 vehicles, 1,500 tracked vehicles, and 2,500 equipment containers. These units will be transported to Poland via 90 railway and 20 maritime transports.


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