Poll: PiS win outright majority in parliament

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PiS would gain 42.4 percent of the votes, with the Civic Platform (PO) coming in second at 31.1 percent.

Third would be taken by the Kukiz’15 movement (8.6 pc) and the Polish peasant party (PSL) at 6.8 percent. In total, four parties would be voted into the Sejm.

Under the line

Parties which did not reach the 5 percent threshold are the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) with 4.8 percent, the Together party (1.6 pc), the Freedom party (1.4 pc), the currently present in the Sejm Modern party (1.4 pc) and the Now! group (0.4 pc).

PiS would have 234 MPs (231 are needed to form a majority), PO 170, Kukiz’15 34 and PSL 21.

The survey was carried out on 1,002 adults between January 23rd and 24th, 2019.

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