‘Something worrying is happening in Warsaw’ – Street named after Polish independence hero renamed ‘Women’s Rights Roundabout’

The Warsaw City Hall plans to rename a central roundabout named after Polish independence hero Roman Dmowski to the “Women’s Rights Roundabout”

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: wprost.pl
Roman Dmowski Roundabout in Warsaw. (Source: Wikipedia)

The City Council in Warsaw have voted in favor of a resolution to rename a roundabout located in Warsaw’s city center, which is currently named after Polish independence hero Roman Dmowsk, to the “Women’s Right Roundabout.”

The idea was proposed and voted through by Civic Platform (PO) politicians, while Law and Justice (PiS) councilors opposed the idea. Following the vote, conservative activists and politicians protested in favor of restoring the roundabout’s original name.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself has criticized the decision and has asked ironically whether liberal Warsaw’s mayor, Rafał Trzaskowski, was trying to write a new chapter of Polish history.

“Something worrying is happening in Warsaw. First, Christmas was cancelled from posters which were plastered in Warsaw’s metro. Now, the members of city council want to cancel the Roman Dmowski Roundabout,” wrote Morawiecki on social media, referring to Christmas posters published by the Warsaw City Hall in which there were no religious Christmas symbols.

The Christmas poster published by the Warsaw City Hall in which there were no religious Christmas symbols. (Source: Twitter/ Warsaw City Hall)

“Is this mayor Rafał Trzaskowski writing a new chapter of Polish history? A chapter, in which there is no place for the heroes of our independence?” asked Morawiecki in his post.

The Polish prime minister also pointed out that there were still many places in Warsaw which were symbols of the communist-era dictatorship.

“It is a great shame for the capital of Poland that it still has not removed names imposed by the communists. I understand that a street named after the communist Union of Youth Struggle does not bother Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, but Roman Dmowski and the entire patriotic tradition of the national movement does?” the prime minister stressed.

He also speculated about whether Warsaw’s authorities would rename streets back to their former communist names.

“I ask Warsaw’s councilors and mayor to get a hold of themselves. Warsaw cannot be a space for the fulfillment of your political prejudices. Warsaw is the capital of all of Poland,” said Morawiecki.

Roman Dmowski, who was the leader of the National Democracy party, is one of the founding fathers of the Polish Republic restored in 1918. Annual Marches of Independence organized on Nov. 11 by nationalist and conservative supporters always start at the Roman Dmowski Roundabout in Warsaw.

It was also here that the 2020 protests, known as the Women’s Strike, were initiated. Organized by liberal-left supporters opposing the Constitutional Tribunal’s decision to ban eugenic abortion, the protest movement has since fizzled out.

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