Ukrainians will return to Poland once borders are open, says Ukrainian employment office head

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The majority of Ukrainians who returned home due to the epidemic will want to return to work in Poland again, said Wasyl Woskobojnyk, the CEO of the Ukrainian International Employment Association.

He added that out of the 3.2 million Ukrainians working abroad, the majority of them are in Poland, with an estimated 1.5 million Ukrainians working in Poland simultaneously.

The 10 percent who returned to Ukraine during the outbreak, amounting to 150,000 people, are not a critical number for the Polish economy and Ukrainian job market, Woskobojnyk emphasized.

“The majority of people who returned are those whose rights of residence in Poland have expired, which were often given for three to six months,” he stated, explaining that some of those who came back lost their jobs and could not find new employment.