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EXCLUSIVE: Committing to net zero in current crisis is ‘suicidal,’ former Conservative UK MEP warns Boris Johnson

Ahead of the National Conservatism Conference taking place in Brussels this week,…

Thomas Brooke Thomas Brooke

EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s right-wing conservative Vox party is now polling ahead of the center-right. A Spanish journalist explains why

Alvaro Peñas writes about international politics and specializes in particular in Central…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

‘With us, the German hegemony in the EU will be over,’ says top official from Zemmour’s campaign

Should Éric Zemmour prove victorious in the upcoming French presidential election, the…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

Exclusive: ‘I am convinced Éric Zemmour can win the French presidential race’

What did you think of Emmanuel Macron’s speech in the European Parliament?…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault

Western Europe’s true conservatives applaud Hungary’s child protection law

The dividing line between conservatives and progressives in Western Europe was once…

Olivier Bault Olivier Bault