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France: Zemmour fined for calling migrants minors ‘thieves, killers, and rapists’

On Wednesday, the Paris prosecutor’s office proposed to impose a fine of €10,000 on popular conservative French commentator Éric Zemmour who is widely expected to run for president in France’s upcoming elections, for his past statements about minor migrants. According to the indictment, Zemmour’s statements were “violent.” Last September, Zemmour was on CNews channel when […]
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Éric Zemmour: Poland must oppose threats and blackmail from Brussels

Eric Zemmour, who has dominated French headlines over his potential presidential run, declared that he fully supports the Polish government and Polish society in their struggle with the European Commission

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Éric Zemmour censored in France during run-up to presidential election

As part of a general crackdown on opponents to mass immigration, a private TV channel is forced by the French media authority to get rid of its leading conservative commentator while Generation Identity activists are convicted for criticizing lack of control at the border

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