Éric Zemmour: Poland must oppose threats and blackmail from Brussels

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In an interview for Do Rzeczy printed weekly, French writer, pundit, and unofficial candidate in the 2022 French presidential elections Éric Zemmour commented on the recent Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruling and Poland’s ongoing conflict with the EU.

Zemmour recently declared that he completely supports the Polish nation and government in “executing legal order” when it comes to the tribunal’s verdict. He went on to add that it was also time to restore the primacy of state law in France over EU law.

He emphasized that Brussels was no longer even concealing its threats towards Poland and other countries whose government that eurocrats did not like.

“EU institutions have become an instrument in the service of an ideology, which does not permit particular nations to undertake decisions other than they want in matters such as the basic social and political organization of the state. Poland must oppose this,” he said.

Zemmour declared that he fully supported the Polish government and society in their confrontation with the European Commission.

Eric Zemmour:

The EU should never have become something more than a Europe of Nations.

When asked about the possibility of the European Union undergoing serious “reform,” the writer responded that it was just an advertising slogan that has been repeated for decades.

“It usually only means one thing: more integration. The EU should never have become something more than a Europe of Nations. Reform in such a direction is probably still possible — and I would like to conduct it with our partners and allies — but it would require a unanimous change of the treaties. The situation in France is too urgent to give oneself to this matter. We cannot wait any longer,” he said.

Zemmour also touched on the possibility of a civil war in France, warning that civil war in his country was not only possible, but that the first steps had already begun.

“When people enter a concert hall with Kalashnikovs and kill 130 people [the 2015 Bataclan concert hall attack], that is civil war. When a Catholic priest’s throat is slit during a mass, then that is civil war. When a teacher’s head rolls down the pavement, that is civil war,” he said.

Zemmour stressed that this process should have been stopped by a strict response from the government, which has been toothless during Emmanuel Macron’s tenure.

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