Macron hits rock bottom

Macron is wrong when saying that nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism, Magyar Hírlap columnist Sándor Faggyas writes.

editor: REMIX NEWS

While over seventy heads of government and state attended last week’s commemorations of the WWI armistice, a row between Macron and Trump stole the show. Macron is in an increasingly difficult position, and not just because of lashing out at Trump. He is the least popular president of the Fifth Republic, rated even lower than his former boss, the Socialist Hollande.

Macron is very fond of citing one of his great predecessors, De Gaulle. He recently said the French should better follow De Gaulle’s example and complain less. But he would probably be very surprised to learn what the great national hero of WWII said: “Those who don’t love their own mother more than any other mother or their homeland more than others’ homeland, neither love their mother nor their homeland”.

In contrast to this, Macron recently said in Denmark that there were no longer real Danes and real French, only real Europeans. This adventurer who switched from investment banking to political investment believes nations are a thing of the past and only stand in the way of a Europe envisioned by him. A British political analyst and former advisor to Nigel Farage recently said Macron is wrong in stating that nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism, because in reality patriotism stands against globalism. Globalism, as a new form of imperialism, tries to impose its own lifestyle, currency, tradition, flag, anthem and demographics upon nations.

But this is exactly what is rejected by Central Europeans, the British, the Danes, the Bavarians and Italians. And this is why Macron – like his comrade, the German chancellor – are rapidly going down the drain.  


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