Macron wants to include Russia in European defense

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Emmanuel Macron supports Germany’s Heiko Mass’ vision of foreign policy and goes even further by postulating that Russia be included in European defense. Bartłomiej Radziejewski explains why it is make or break time for Poland.

The French president needed but a week to speak in the same vein as Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Mass in his article in Handelsblaat. 

In his annual speech to French diplomats, Macron did not only agree with Maas’ new world order and the idea of a sovereign European Union. He also supported the idea of an EU army but even went a step further and underlined the need to include Russia in creating an independent European defense, if the situation in Ukraine were to improve.

Macron announced that French proposals on the subject would come in the following months.

History has not only “returned” – it is rushing forward uncontrollably

While Poland is excited by its local elections’ trival events, history has not only “returned” – it is rushing forward uncontrollably. Maas’ article in Handelsblaat did not even capture the interest of Polish mainstream media. Meanwhile, another hit has struck – Macron is supporting Germany’s new world order.


Simple times have passed. Poland is in a demanding and often unfavorable international dynamic. No one will grow up for Poland and hurry the country up. There is not only a lot to lose but also much to win. To win, however, you need to play. To play you need something to play with. To have something to play with, you need to work and not frolic about. 


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