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German foreign minister pledges to take in 70,000 Afghans

Germany’s Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas recently pledged to receive 70,000 vulnerable Afghans, including those who have worked alongside the Bundeswehr, journalists, and human rights activists. On Sunday, the first day of his three-day trip to the region surrounding Afghanistan, Maas told journalists in Turkey that Germany, in addition to taking in at […]
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30 years after reunification, Germany is hell-bent on imposing its will on Europe

“Germany is once again hell-bent on forcing their will upon others. They want to impose the rainbow flag and multiculturalism on all or else they will starve us financially,” argues Polish journalist Michał Karnowski

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Germany wants to fully participate in the Three Seas Initiative

Germany, who was previously skeptical about the Three Seas Initiative, wants to join the project, reports the German News Agency (DPA). Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister, wants his country to be “an active part” of the Three Seas.

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