Opinion: Opposition’s ‘March of Dependence’ in Warsaw turned out to be a huge stumble

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In a moment in which the Polish state – our state – is under attack on the one side from the East (through “migrants”) and on the other side from the West (through brutal legal usurpations), Donald Tusk decided to do what he has been doing for years: add fuel to the fire and incite conflict in order to weaken the position of Warsaw’s authorities to external powers.

But perhaps it was good that he did it again, given that, once again, it’s become clear that he doesn’t really have anything to say.

What vision of the world did he show? Tusk, a man who was once the “king of Europe” (according to him, during the protests in Warsaw) pretends that he cannot see that the EU is changing, taking over more and more competencies and violating treaties. He is pretending and falsifying his own biography by stating:

“I am a Pole who was chosen by European states 7 years ago to be the President of the European Council. They chose me out of respect for Poland and due to our beautiful and difficult path to independence and to Europe. They chose me out of respect for You.”

This is a lie. Tusk was chosen because it was a well-known fact that he is easy to direct and will never oppose anything. And that was the case: he never put up a fight, never protested. Even when it came to Nord Stream 2, he only spoke in hushed tones in Angela Merkel’s office. He did not publicly condemn the project. Probably because it would not be proper.

Tusk shouted out in desperation but sounded pathetic. This was a scream of a powerless person – a man who has probably become aware that Poland slipped from his grasp.

Then why did Tusk “raise the alarm”? Why did he gather the “March of Dependence,” as one internaut dubbed the pro-EU protests, referring to the annual “March of Independence”?

“This pseudo–Constitutional Tribunal, a group of people masquerading in judges’ robes, decided to take our homeland out of the EU by violating the constitution. This handful of people does not hesitate to use every lie at their disposal, as was the case with the constitution which they claimed was in opposition with the EU. This is untrue,” Tusk said.

Again, another lie. No one is taking Poland out of the EU, and the Tribunal is just as legal and lawful as in the previous decades. Poland simply adopted solutions analogous to the ones established in many other countries. It adopted them because it had to. Poland was put up against the wall by pressure from Berlin and Brussels – it didn’t have a choice.

So, what does Tusk want?

“This common denominator is simple: we want an independent Poland. We want a European and democratic Poland. We want a Poland with the rule of law, an honest Poland. These five rules are being crushed today by the government which has lost its conscience and morality. These rules should suffice for the government and all of Europe to see that there are more of us than them,” Tusk declared at the Warsaw’s demonstration.

Once again, we return to the eternal Polish question: can patriotic spells distort reality? Can one’s actual intentions be hidden?

Tusk does not want an independent Poland. At most, he wants a pseudo-colony to play the role of the obedient and pacified protectorate. He wants a Poland that permits actions to its aggressors which no other country (including Germany) would allow.

The turnout at the protests in Warsaw was not stunning, despite the location at Castle Square being as good as it was, relatively small with many buildings. Tusk, who had to face off against a counter-protest (organized by Robert Bąkiewicz of the March of Independence Association), turned out much worse than the leaders of the United Right, who have had to face opposition militias for years.

Tusk shouted out in desperation, trying to sound earnest, but he sounded pathetic. This was a scream of a powerless person – a man who has probably become aware that Poland slipped from his grasp – his, and that of his masters, who are also secretly aggressors trying to turn Poland into a “lawful colony”.

To summarize: this protest was a miss. Its muscles were nowhere near as big as all the boasting would have had us believe.

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