Polish judges demonstrating on the streets are violating the constitution: Markiewicz

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Judges who are engaged in street demonstrations are engaged in actions that are in breach of the constitution, says senior lawyer Marek Markiewicz.

“No government on earth will allow for a conflict with a rebellion verging on anarchy,” Markiewicz said in describing the severity of the judges’ actions.

Markiewicz, while being interviewed on the subject of the government proposals to tighten disciplinary procedures against judges, said that the new legislative draft for judicial reform contains elements that are obvious to include, such as a reminder that the only court with the jurisdiction to decide on the constitutionality of legislation is the Constitutional Court and that no other court or judges in the land may question the status of other judges.

Markiewicz argues that no government can tolerate rogue judges questioning constitutional principles, including the competency of the Constitutional Court to rule on legislation or the president’s right to nominate judges.