New poll offers some good news for Polish conservatives

The leader of Law and Justice (PiS), Jarosław Kaczyński, voting in the Polish parliament together with other ruling party leaders. (Source:
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The United Right coalition, which currently rules Poland, has seen its support rise to 40 percent in the latest poll conducted by Social Changes for the news outlet.

The United Right, which is made up of Jarosław Kaczyńsk’s Law and Justice (PiS) and Solidarity Poland, achieved its best result in many months, with its lead over Civic Coalition increasing to 12 percentage points.

The three middle parties, Confederation, the Left, and Poland 2050, garnered identtical support. Meanwhile, the Polish People’s Party (PSL) is still below the 5 percent threshold, as are Agreement and Kukiz’15.

The 40 percent figure for United Right is 2 percentage points higher than its previous showing.

Which political group would you vote for if the elections were held this Sunday? (without undecided voters)
Blue – Law and Justice (PiS/United Right), Orange – Civic Coalition (KO), Dark blue – Confederation, Red – the Left, Yellow – Poland 2050, Light green – Polish People’s Party, Dark green – Kukiz’15, Purple – Agreement, Gray – Other (Source: Social Changes for

The Civic Coalition (Civic Platform, PO, and several smaller liberal parties) can expect 28 percent support, representing a 1 percent decrease.

The right-wing Confederation party also lost 1 point and can expect 8 percent of support.

The Left experienced a slight decrease and is currently at 8 percent, representing a loss of one point in support. Support for Poland 2050 did not change, remaining at 8 percent. The Polish People’s Party (PSL) received 4 percent, the same result as a week ago.

Two percent of respondents say they would vote for Kukiz’15, a one point increase. Jarosław Gowin’s Agreement, meanwhile, can expect 1 percent of the votes. Declared turnout is at 57 percent, three points less than in the previous survey.

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