Hungary: Top EU court shows support for illegal immigration by ruling against ‘Stop Soros’ law

The so-called “Stop Soros” law was meant to curb the influence of foreign-funded NGOs in the country

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap
Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga. (source: Facebook)

The European Court of Justice’s Nov. 16 decision that Hungary infringed EU law with its so-called “Stop Soros” law is in effect the court endorsing illegal immigration, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga wrote in Facebook post on Wednesday.

“We all know in the eyes of the Brussels bureaucracy that it is not a crime to support and facilitate illegal immigration, because we do not want foreign NGOs to organize the resettlement of illegal migrants in Europe,” Varga wrote.

She emphasized that the EU court had ruled out what we “would never have thought” that Hungary should practically support human trafficking.

“What will happen next? Are member states being punished just for protecting the continent from mass immigration?” she asked.

“We no longer have any illusions, but one thing is certain: we will continue to protect Europe. Whether you like the Brussels bubble or not!” Varga wrote.

The Hungarian Parliament passed the so-called “Stop Soros” law in 2018, raising a levy on foreign funding of NGOs and making support of illegal immigration punishable.

“By criminalizing organizing activities in relation to the initiation of a procedure for international protection by persons not fulfilling the national criteria for granting that protection, Hungary infringed EU law,” the Court of Justice of the European Union wrote in its Nov. 16 decision.

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