Welcome to the EU’s traveling circus

By Dénes Albert
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Slovenia was “blessed” last week by a delegation from the infamous European Parliament’s Committee on Fundamental Rights, the LIBE. For those of you unaware what the LIBE is, their presence is a familiar refrain for conservative countries. In fact, the LIBE delegation was in Hungary not so long ago — in a different composition, but the agenda was the same.

Neither the above situation — nor Dutch Liberal representative Sophie in ‘t Veld — need any introduction. We have been listening for several years to Veld’s criticisms of Hungary. Friday’s closing press conference in Ljubljana wasn’t exactly big news, because she came to the conclusion that there is little to report as far as the undermining of the rule of law is concerned. Institutions, as she said, are working well overall. The only thing she found was that the political mood in the country is hostile and the divisions run deep.

Based on this, it is really impossible to initiate any criminal proceedings against Slovenia? Will they really be left alone? Obviously not.

When Angela Merkel is no longer in office, Germany will have a Social Democratic chancellor, and there will be no capital west of Ljubljana with a government belonging to the European People’s Party. What’s more, Merkel understands — and has said in recent days — that dialogue is needed instead of sanctions.

As the People’s Party, which once defined Europe, is in fact engineering its own demise, the problems will be so great that bureaucrats will not be able to solve them. Migrants on the border, energy prices to the skies, and a widening gap between East and West — quite an explosive cocktail. It seems less and less likely that Western member states want to engage in common thinking with Central and Eastern Europe.

Left-liberal forces in Europe cling to every existing straw, take advantage of the rules, and if necessary, break them, then create new ones with the same goal. They want to break not just their own rules but the Polish government itself, and the Hungarian one as well.

They will find allies in Warsaw and Budapest.

The LIBE traveling circus has already moved past us, but another report is being prepared in Brussels. And this is just one of the pillars — there are a few more, from the rule-of-law mechanism urged by left-liberals to even more blackmail. The European Parliament will go to Poland this week as well.

Despite this ongoing harassment, it is about time for responsible European leaders to make the important decisions instead of unelected bureaucrats.

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