‘Escalation of the war in Ukraine is against Poland’s interests,’ warns top Polish editor

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The editor-in-chief of the influential Do Rzeczy weekly, Paweł Lisicki, is warning that an escalation of the war in Ukraine could significantly undermine Polish security.

“I’m interested in the Polish perspective. The escalation of this war increases rather than decreases risks for us,” said Lisicki in an interview for Radio WNET.

He said that his magazine has for some time been warning about the consequences that Poland could face if the conflict escalates. Now, the issues of a direct conflict between Russia and NATO along with the use of nuclear weapons are being discussed more widely. He pointed to the fact that both Russia and Ukraine have escalated their activities. 

On the one hand, there are the “pseudo-referendums” called by Putin followed by annexation. On the other, there is the successful Ukrainian counteroffensive. Both have made Poland less rather than more secure, believes Lisicki. He points to Senator Marco Rubio’s remarks that Washington fears that Putin could attack Poland with nuclear weapons. 

Lisicki indicated that he believes there is very little reflection on consequences for Poland of the war escalating. The existing consequences are highly negative, including rising prices and potential energy shortages, along with the falling value of the Polish currency, the zloty.

However, even more dangerous is the conflict actually becoming global, leading to war between Russia and NATO.

“Poland’s geographical location means that the state most at risk of suffering destruction would be Poland,” said Do Rzeczy’s chief editor.

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