German cardinal: Ideological warfare is an attempt to partition Poland once again

The German cardinal has long defended Poland and criticized the direction of the Catholic Church in his own country

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Magdalena Gronek

The Catholic faith guarantees Polish unity, which is why Poland is currently living through a period of ideological warfare, which is another attempt to divide the country, “this time not through military force but by ideological means,” according to Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

Müller made the remarks after receiving an award for his work from the Association of Catholic Publishers in Warsaw, Poland. During his speech, he said he saw Catholicism in the same manner as it was perceived by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, who both sought the unity of faith and reason. 

He said he viewed the recent attacks on Pope John Paul II being produced by the left-liberal opposition and left-wing press in Poland as evidence that the ideological attacks directed at Poland were intensifying.

Müller urged Poles to pray again for Saint Pope John Paul II, as they did back in the days of his attempted assassination in 1981. Then, they prayed for his health, now they have to pray to preserve his good name.

The cardinal said he believes Poland understands the nature of Catholicism, but must continue the struggle to even exist. He noted that one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisers had opined that to destroy Poland, you have to destroy Catholicism. 

The German cardinal said he was convinced that Poland would keep the faith and resist attempts to destroy it. 

The senior cardinal, who has now retired from his post in the Vatican but remains a cardinal, said that Christianity today stood at a crossroads and there was a need to explain spiritual, ideological and political phenomena.

Müller has long been an outspoken backer of Poland, saying in 2021: “I find it to be a great injustice that people in the West who have no clue about what’s happening in Poland and are receiving huge sums of money from EU institutions are reprimanding Polish citizens. I call for every Pole to not permit such self-conceit and impunity.

“Poland is not a child who should be reprimanded by incompetent politicians from the West,” the cardinal declared.

He has also slammed developments in his own country’s Church, arguing it is abandoning Catholic doctrine and embracing an increasingly “woke” agenda.

Cardinal Müller said he believes that many of those within the Church promoting same-sex marriage and other progressive views are “secularized people” who “want to keep the name ‘Catholic’ to stay in the institution and take the money, but they won’t accept the teaching of the word of God. They relativize the Catholic faith, but remain with their titles: cardinals, bishops, theology professors — but in reality, they don’t believe what the Church is saying.” Furthermore, regarding LGBTQ ideology, he remarked that it “is totally idiotic because its Neo-Gnostic mythology is absolutely against human nature, not only in a biological sense, but also in a philosophical one.”

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