Revealed: ‘Poor’ migrants near Polish border spotted wearing expensive designer coats

(Source: Twitter account of Dominik Tarczyński)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Are the migrants who are storming the Polish-Belarusian border “poor people” as Civic Platform leader Donald Tusk called them not so long ago? Some of them perhaps are, but Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Dominik Tarczyński, along with several Polish social media users, have noticed a few important details.

A photo taken by reporters from the Belarusian Telegraph Agency who closely follow the migrant assault on the Polish border, recently appeared in Polish media. The photo shows a migrant chopping down a tree using an axe. The wood would later be used to break the defensive measures on the border.

MEP Tarczyński drew attention to the coat which the migrant in the photo was wearing. As it turns out, the coat in question is from the Canada Goose brand which retails for almost €1,000 (after discounts).

“When you’re so poor that you’re cutting down trees near the border in a Canada Goose coat for 4,000 PLN (close to €1,000),” Tarczyński wrote on Twitter.

Tarczyński posted another photo in which one can see a migrant wearing a Moncler jacket worth almost €1,100.

“When you are poor, the style is what counts,” he wrote with irony, pointing out to the jacket of one of the migrants that looks very similar to the designer one with more than 5,500 PLN (€1,200) price tag.

While these photos do not determine everything, they do encourage one to consider the situation on the border.

It is also worth reminding, that the migrants had to pay large sums to intermediaries to even reach Belarus in the first place.

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