Russian press agency op-ed features genocidal undertones, calls for end of Ukraine as a nation-state

Russian RIA Novosti state press agency has published an article about “what Russia must do with Ukraine”

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Bodies retrieved by municipal workers from the town are placed on the ground at a cemetery in Bucha, Ukraine, Thursday, April 7, 2022. Russian troops left behind crushed buildings, streets littered with destroyed cars and residents in dire need of food and other aid in a northern Ukrainian city, giving fuel to Kyiv's calls Thursday for more Western support to help halt Moscow's offensive before it refocuses on the country's east. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Russian RIA Novosti state press agency has published an article about “what Russia must do with Ukraine” that makes some worrying claims.

The text, written by Timofey Sergeytsev, seems to reveal a call for what would amount to genocide, starting with the liquidation of Ukraine as a nation state.

“A year ago in April we wrote about the need to denazify Ukraine. We don’t need a Nazi and banderist Ukraine as an enemy of Russia and Western tool for destroying Russia. Denazification is essential when a majority in a nation becomes embroiled in that state’s Nazi policies. In other words, when we cannot any longer work on the hypothesis that the government does not represent its people. Denazification then becomes necessary.”

The texts carries on in this manner portraying almost all Ukrainians as Nazis who deserve to die. It accuses all Ukrainians who have taken up arms of Nazism which should be destroyed in the field of battle and accuses Ukrainians of crimes against civilians and against the Russian army.

He calls for a total purge of all organizations linked to Nazism. Denazification of the population is to be carried out by suppressing Nazi ideas and censorship in politics, culture and education. 

According to the text, Ukraine must be destroyed economically and politically, treated like an enemy, made to pay for the wrongs it has done to Russia, and to be made dependent on Russia. It warns against either a Marshall Plan or neutrality, as neither can lead to denazification which must be carried out by the military and police under Russian management.

“Denazification must mean deukranization. Ukraine cannot exist as a nation state as attempts to build such a state must inevitably lead to Nazism.”

The article sees Ukraine as an artificial anti-Russian construct without any culture of its own and prey to be subjugated to foreign and alien influence. “Combating  banderist traditions is not enough to achieve denazification. Denazification of Ukraine must mean it’s de-europeanisation.” 

The piece concludes that banderist elites “must be liquidated as they cannot be reeducated and the social swamp that backed them must be subject to the terror of war and made to pay for their crimes.”

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