Spanish columnist tells compatriots to protest the country’s new gender law by abusing the system en masse

Spanish author Juan Manuel de Prada suggests a different approach to protesting the new gender recognition law introduced by Spain’s socialist government

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Grzegorz Górny

Renowned author Juan Manuel de Prada criticized a recently passed Spanish law that allows individuals to legally change their gender based purely on a personal declaration, and called on his compatriots to show the Spanish socialist government just how ridiculous the legislation is by registering en masse as the opposite gender.

In his weekly column for Spain’s ABC newspaper, de Prada said the legislation forced through by Spain’s left-wing administration is “unjust” and claimed the prerequisite for any legislation should be its compliance with the “oldest and first nature of all things.”

He described the law as a poison prescribed by a doctor as a remedy and expressed his concern over the wider implications the legislation could have on Spanish society.

De Prada cited St. Thomas Aquinas, who wrote that it is permissible to rebel against unjust laws, and U.S. philosopher Henry David Thoreau, who warned that compliance with unjust laws inevitably leads to “another kind of slavery” that forces us to “renounce inalienable rights of reason and conscience.”

However, the Spanish writer proposed a different method for his compatriots to deal with the unjust law recently introduced in Spain. He is inspired by Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s remark that where all categories have been completely overturned, only he who breaks them, saves common sense.

He, therefore, said Spaniards should not abolish the law but fulfill it, and thus demonstrate its absurdity.

The Iberian author called on millions of Spanish men to head to the government offices and register as women, and for women to register as men, claiming that under the new law, no one in Spain will be able to refuse their requests, as such an act only requires a declaration by the individual that they “feel” like the opposite gender.

“Only bringing absurdity to a logical conclusion can lead to its complete failure,” he added. “So perhaps it is worth a try?”

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