The positives and negatives of ambassador Mark Brzeziński

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The U.S. Senate has formally confirmed Mark Brzeziński, the son of Zbigniew Brzeziński, as the United States’ ambassador to Poland.

Obvious positives about his appointment are his critical approach towards Nord Stream 2 and his previous experience in diplomacy.

Brzeziński is the former U.S. ambassador to Sweden and he also directed the department for Russian affairs in the U.S. National Security Council during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

A negative however is his desire to view and depict the Polish political landscape through a distorted mirror, in which the fake news often generated by the Polish opposition is fully embraced.

Mark Brzeziński is the son of Zbigniew Brzeziński who was National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. (AP Photo)

Prior to Brzeziński’s arrival in Poland, American weaponry, including assault helicopters, will arrive in Ukraine. They were meant to be transported to the Afghan Armed Forces, but obviously that plan fell apart with the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, this is an important signal from the Americans regarding any potential Russian aggression against Poland’s eastern neighbor.

This must, however, be understood in the context that Ukraine’s defense minister told the Financial Times in an interview that that Germany had blocked the transfer of weaponry which was meant to reach Kiev from NATO.

Above all else, perhaps the most important element is the agreement reached between Democrats and Republicans, with U.S. conservatives finally accepting Biden’s nomination for 30 ambassadors in exchange for a vote in favor of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in January.

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