Romania: 84 migrants found squatting in abandoned buildings during police raid

Most of the migrants hailing from Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh left their designated refugee centers

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Agerpres
Migrants found in abandoned building in Temesvár, Romania. (source: Romanian Border Police)

More than 80 foreign nationals from Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh, aged between 18 and 45, have been found in the last 24 hours in the western Romanian city of Temesvár (Timişoara in Romanian), following actions to prevent and combat illegal migration, Romanian news agency Agerpres reports.

During the raid, border policemen from the Territorial Inspectorate of the Timişoara Border Police worked in cooperation with policemen from the Timiş County Police Inspectorate, workers of the Timişoara Mobile Gendarmes Group and Timiş County Regional Police, and the transport section for Romania’s Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers.

According to the regional police inspectorate, the above authorities carried out coordinated actions in order to prevent and combat illegal migration and found 84 foreign citizens in the municipality of Timişoara.

The officers established that most of them had temporary identity documents for asylum seekers, but could not justify their presence in the municipality of Timişoara.

Upon completion of all checks, the asylum seekers were instructed to return to the Regional Accommodation and Procedures Centers for Asylum Seekers in the country where they are housed and registered.

At the same time, the judicial police officers from the Territorial Inspectorate of the Timişoara Border Police checked the persons without documents, and initiated relevant legal actions against the migrants.

Police said the actions carried out in an integrated system for preventing and combating illegal migration in Timişoara will continue in the coming days.

This April, local police in Timişoara found 70 illegal immigrants in a search of the zone where two groups of Afghan migrants clashed, leaving one of them dead.

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