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Poland plans to welcome foreign nationals into its police force to combat staff shortages

In order to deal with staff shortages Polish police are seriously considering…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Number of migrant workers in Poland soared by almost a third last year

Over 1 million foreign nationals were employed in Poland by the end…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Ukrainians and Georgians commit the highest number of crimes among foreigners in Poland

In the last decade, the number of foreign nationals suspected of committing…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Poland’s foreign student population continues to rise

Among foreign students in Poland, Ukrainians and Belarusians make up the largest…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

France: Foreigners committed 70% of all violent robberies in Paris during first half of 2022

Following French President Emmanuel Macron admitting that foreigners commit half of all…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Foreigners account for almost 5% of the Czech population

The Czech Statistical Office presented the first results of the census of…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Looting suspects who took advantage of deadly German floods are mostly foreigners

There were news reports about isolated looting and robberies during the deadly…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

There were 600,000 foreigners in the Czech Republic at the end of 2020

At the end of last year, 634,790 foreigners were legal residents in…

Karolina Klaskova Karolina Klaskova

Nearly 1 in 6 employees in Czechia are foreigners, and their share is rising

The opposition should be able to use the crisis against the center-right…

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Almost three-quarters of Czechs believe foreigners should adapt to local culture

Italian police seize Captagon pills worth one billion euros

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UK could see massive jump in non-EU migrants under new points-based immigration law

Czechia to relax the borders regime from May 26

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Foreigners must adapt to our lifestyle, Czechs say

Most Czechs consider the travel ban necessary

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