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Warsaw and Brussels have reached a difficult ceasefire

Mateusz Morawiecki and Ursula von der Leyen attended their Monday evening meeting in Brussels armed to the teeth. The Prime Minister arrived with the threat of the Constitutional Tribunal passing a ruling about the superiority of state laws over European ones, which would threaten to the destroy the EU’s construction for EU commissioner for justice […]
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Trump can still win a 2nd term and here is how, explains Polish professor

To paraphrase quote by Mark Twain: “The rumors of Donald Trump’s death have been greatly exaggerated,” writes professor of American studies Grzegorz Górski, who is also a lawyer and rector of Jagiellonian College in Toruń

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Twitter battle over Sigismund III Vasa in a “Constitution” t-shirt

The Polish opposition draped a “KONSTYTUCJA” (“Constitution”) t-shirt over the statue of Sigismund III Vasa in Warsaw, then posted pictures of their work on Twitter. The Polish twitter sphere was not so impressed.

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