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Dutch princess kidnapping threat shows not even royalty is safe in multicultural Europe

The fact that 18-year-old Dutch Princess Amalia fled to the royal palace…

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Mark Rutte becomes longest-serving Dutch prime minister

Mark Rutte became the longest serving Dutch Prime Minister on Tuesday. The…

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Dutch government secretly negotiated Nord Stream 2 with Russians

Polish public television news channel TVP Info correspondent to Brussels Dominika Ćosić…

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Dutch PM: Hungary has no business being in the EU

The state must create the conditions for protection

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PM Orban’s chief EU critic Dutch PM Mark Rutte resigns over racist child welfare scandal

Despite Greeks experiencing an economic crisis, migrants are demanding hotel accommodations

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Opinion: Dutch misers, not Central Europeans, are the threat to EU integration

Attacks on Poland and Hungary over their stance on the EU budget…

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PM Orbán: I don’t know what’s the personal reason for the Dutch prime minister to hate me or Hungary

The concert hall resembles the case of a musical instrument

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