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Radical Ukrainian activist living in Poland wants political representation for growing Ukrainian minority in Polish parliament

As Poland’s population of Ukrainians balloons, there are some Ukrainians calling for political representation in the country’s parliament, including a controversial activist who has called Gdańsk a German city and celebrated a Ukrainian nationalist militia that massacred Poles during the Second World War. During a guest appearance on popular commercial radio RMF FM last week, […]
Ukraine adopts legislation for special status of Poles parliament Poles special status Ukraine Volhynia massacre News Poland
1 YEAR AGOparliament Poles special status Ukraine Volhynia massacre News Poland

Ukrainian parliament approves legislation granting Poles special status in the country

The Ukrainian parliament has accepted the Ukrainian president’s legislative proposal to award Poles special status in Ukraine allowing citizens of Poland to stay for 18 months, the right to work, trade, and to have access to education and health services

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