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US Department of State confirms agreement with Germany over Nord Stream 2

The administration of US President Joe Biden and the German Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday in a joint statement that they had reached an agreement concerning ending the conflict over the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline. As part of the agreement, the US will waive sanctions over Nord Stream 2, while Germany is to invest […]
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Despite pandemic and opposition efforts, Poland remains politically and economically stable

Poland is leaving 2020 as one of the most politically stable and best economically developing countries in Europe, says professor Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski

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Aleksandr Lukashenko Belarus Belarus Protests Poland Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski Russia News

This is the end of Lukashenko’s reign, says Polish political science professor

Professor Przemysław Żurawski Vel Grajewski is convinced that Belarus’s leader has become untenable for Russia due to his unpopularity among Belarusians

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