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France: Teacher faced death threats for requesting student remove Islamic veil to sit exam

A teacher was subjected to death threats and accusations of Islamophobia after…

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Schoolgirl admits lying in murder case of French teacher Samuel Paty

He denied possible accession to the European People's Party

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Islamists threaten to kill another teacher

Three Syrian brothers are in custody

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Close to 400 incidents of terrorism glorification reported in French schools last month

The number of such incidents raises concerns about French society and the…

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Paris beheading of Samuel Paty is tied to mass migration, says Hungarian security official

The example of Slovakia shows how difficult it is to pass a…

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France deports radical Islamists, but new ones are growing up in French schools

Deputy PM Hamáček contracted COVID-19 as well

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Poland rejected asylum to family of Chechen involved with murder of French teacher

Newest M-346 trainer jets have arrived at the Dęblin Air Force Academy

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Who is going to defend Europe?

Poland's intelligence services believe Russia is trying to sow doubts about the…

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