Who is going to defend Europe?

Liberal politics is neither equipped to protect Europe, nor perhaps even willing to do so, writes Magyar Hírlap columnist Mariann Őry in the wake of the beheading of a French high school teacher by a radical Islamist.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mariann Őry

From time to time, a radicalized immigrant attacks the French with a rifle, knife, axe, or bomb. The only weird thing is that it hasn’t become commonplace yet. In France — citing a statement by Nicolas Bay MEP in our newspaper — there are more and more people who simply hate the French. They hate the country, the culture, the lay attitude important to the state — everything. For them, not only is there no laicité, but no liberté, égalité, fraternité either.

They wish the whole of France to hell, and as far as they can manage it, they are intent on making it happen.

As their numbers grow, the size of areas where they can effectively deny the French legal system and cultural norms is growing as well. France, as depicted in Laurent Obertone’s book Guerrilla, is a terrifying dystopia in which the country sinks into civil war and the left-liberals, patently insane, not only don’t resist, but effectively support their own slaughter.

Every dystopia — Guerilla including — has some basis in current reality. In fact, we already have everything that the author, of course, exaggerates and caricatures.

It is, of course, unrealistic in itself that adherents of open societies, liberals, supporters of LGBT movements, and all these other gentle souls would bring countless people into Europe who would most likely wish to execute them on the spot for their way of life. Of course, as anyone with a bit of common sense can tell, not all migrants are like that, but the fact remains that liberal immigration policy has allowed the French teacher, Samuel Paty, and many other Europeans to die a horrible death.

Liberal politics is incapable of tackling the problem, and it is not very committed to it either. It has become hostage to itself, with its politicians only churning out empty phrases.

The same liberal politicians who bear the responsibility of government and are forced from time to time to maintain their power, through enforced measures, do not dare to formulate the positions of principle that is needed for a truly comprehensive solution.

Simply saying defiantly that we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated, and we will insist on a European way of life is neither enough today, nor was it five years ago. Yes, we should of course insist on keeping it, but we must also defend it. There are, of course, lucky liberals living in privileged positions who only see pictures of migrants, without encountering them in reality. And then there’s Samuel Paty, for example.

One shouldn’t think that liberals can never deviate from their all-encompassing laissez-faire philosophy. Just look at the rigor and thoroughness with which their own citizens are held accountable for complying with epidemiological measures. Suddenly, citizens are met with political will and the full resources of the state.

Could they liberals protect the people in the same way from illegal immigration and terrorism? Perhaps, but only if they wanted to.

Title image: Hundreds of people gather on République square during a demonstration Sunday Oct. 18, 2020 in Paris. Demonstrations around France have been called in support of freedom of speech and to pay tribute to a French history teacher who was beheaded near Paris after discussing caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class. Samuel Paty was beheaded on Friday by an 18-year-old Moscow-born Chechen refugee who was shot dead by police. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)


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