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Sweden increases money offered to migrants to voluntarily go home

Once seen as the most accepting country in the world for refugees,…

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What does the right’s historic victory in Sweden mean for Europe?

After Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson admitted defeat and conceded the election…

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Sweden’s anti-immigration party continues poll surge just days before election

The Sweden Democrats, known for their harsh stance against immigration, continue their…

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Swedish election surprise? Polling shows conservative Sweden Democrats set to become country’s second-biggest party

The Sweden Democrats, known for their conservative stance against mass immigration, are…


Sweden Democrats want to stop asylum for everyone except Ukrainians

Sweden Democrats want to introduce asylum bans on everyone except for Ukrainian…

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Court convicts Swedish politician for citing figures about South Sudanese IQ

A regional politician from the populist Sweden Democrats party has been convicted…

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Conservative Sweden Democrats closer to power than ever before

The new measure is valid until July 31

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Two Afghan migrants beat Swedish female politician, call her a ‘SD whore’

Czechia should protect minority languages, a report states

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