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Ultra-liberals tout gay propaganda as a basic European ‘value’ – commentary

We thought that the mainstream wing of the European Parliament - the…

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Hitting the reset button on Europe

Were we going in the right direction before Covid-19? The epidemic helped…

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Is the West already dead?

Hungarian football coach's sacking shows bias in civil liberties protection, says Hungary's…

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Hungary and Poland won the battle, but the fight continues

The European Union wants to impose a 'dictatorship of values'

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The demise of Hungary’s Socialist Party

One in four recovered patients could show effects for years

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The lost sovereignty of the European Union

Poland will not let its Oslo consul, Sławomir Kowalski be expelled. PM…

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The global migration pact is a live weapon

Hungary's leading telecom company, Magyar Telekom mistakenly sent a phone bill to…

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Europe could break apart

German health minister Jens Spahn (CDU) would like to see EU-level regulations…

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Elite still wants a federal Europe

The level of interference of European Union institutions in the matters of…

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The liberal misinterpretation of migration

Former EU commissioner Gunter Verheugen defends Poland’s case in her conflict with…

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