Attacks on Christianity and the family cause youth aggression, says education minister

Polish education minister says he will intervene in the Szafarowicz case (Source:
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Polish schools offer a safe environment outside of school; however, aggression among the young is on the rise because of “attacks on Christianity and the family,” Poland’s Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek has claimed.

During a public meeting in central Poland on Wednesday, the education minister said that Polish schools were free of aggression and suicide attempts. However, he conceded that outside of school, aggressive behavior among the young was increasing because Christian and family values are being undermined, something that has been made worse by the forced isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In terms of tackling the problem of the rise in aggressive behavior among young people, Minister Czarnek explained the education sector is increasing the number of psychologists and other specialists, but he acknowledged that aggression and suicides were not solely caused by the lack of psychologists. Czarnek put the blame fairly and squarely on the crisis of the family and of marriage, as well as on the undermining of Christian and family values. “The campaign of denigrating the faith, the Church and all that has been fundamental to our society for over 1,000 years has taken its toll. You reap what you sow,” he said.

The education minister pointed to the lack of parental care as one of the primary causes for a rise in suicide attempts by young people outside of school. “The child is not born into a school but into a family and is brought up first and foremost by its parents.” According to Czarnek, schools can never be a substitute for parents; they can only supplement parental care. “The school does not have access to the home in the afternoon and can’t control the use of a computer or smartphone during the night, on weekends and during the holidays,” he said.

The education minister believes the solution is to get back to the basics. “Let’s first of all return to the family, stop fighting it with leftist, gender and LGBT ideologies, stop denigrating values and the family with ostentatious street displays of vulgar slogans on young people’s foreheads.”

He also accused the left of fomenting demoralization. “Left-wing organizations are destroying the minds and mentality of the young by trying to tell them who they are, about their sexual identity, leaving them with these problems, and then society is faced with the consequences,” he claimed.

According to Czarnek, TV, radio and the internet without any limits on their use affect behavior and lead to problems in the behavior of students. “If we as decision-makers and schools allow unlimited access, then parents are under pressure, and if they do not know what their child is doing on the internet, who they meet there, and what games they play, then the psychological damage will force us to stick on more and more bandages in the form of more and more psychologists being employed,” concluded the education minister. 

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