Czechia to provide €5 million to prevent illegal migration

The number of migrants on the Balkan route rose by 53 percent

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: EuroZprá, Czech News Agency

The Czech Republic aims to prevent illegal migration by providing 135 million korunas (€5.3 million) this year to European countries on the Balkan route dealing with an influx of migrants as well as countries like Jordan and Libya that have been major sources of illegal migration.

The proposal, based on a concept formulated by the Czech Interior Ministry, was approved by the Czech government cabinet.

The interior ministry identified aid to North Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia, which lay on the so-called Balkan migration route, as the priority, pointing out that on the Balkan route, as well as on the Eastern Mediterranean route, has seen the number of migrants rise by 53 percent year-on-year in 2019.

This year, the defense minister of Bosnia warned that a wave of 100,000 migrants was set to enter Europe. In Greece, authorities are grappling with how to house and process the thousands of migrants landing boats on Greek islands every day.

Czech financial contributions of 50 million korunas (€1.98 million) should help the affected countries obtain better equipment to fight illegal migration and people smuggling.

Another 50 million korunas (€1.98 million) will be disbursed to Jordan and Libya. The aim is to improve the situation of refugees in local refugee camps. For example, in Jordan, financial aid should help to provide better education for Syrian refugees.

According to the Czech Interior Ministry, if the situation in these countries improves, refugees would have less motivation to travel to Europe.

The concept also includes earmarking 35 million korunas (€1.38 million) for emergencies related to the ongoing migrant crisis.

During this year, the Ministry will decide on releasing financial aid depending on the current developments in illegal migration.


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