Poland has to be Christian to survive, says education minister

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

Poland’s conservative Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek has claimed that “all the unhappiness in the world can be traced to a failure to observe the Lord’s commands.” 

Speaking at a religious pilgrimage for men, he also said that “man cannot be understood without Christ and that to be a believer means one must be loyal to God and country.”

Czarnek added Poles must be prepared to put up a fight against atheism. “If we don’t want to be Western in the sense of cultural decadence and hostility to religion, we have to be ready to act as counterrevolutionaries,” he told a Warsaw audience. 

According to the education minister, Christian values are the key to understanding what it is to be Polish, and those who oppose Christianity cannot appreciate the heritage of their own country.

“Poland will either be Christian, or it will cease to exist,” he added. 

Przemysław Czarnek believes that it is essential for Poles to be taught “their true history” so that they understand what being Polish really means. He claimed that being Polish means forsaking egotism, adopting altruism, and looking after your family and community. 

He also said that Poland is a nation of victors. “Being located between Russia and Germany is no place for a weak nation. This is why we are a nation of victors. Without that we would not have survived,” he said.

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